Hearing Test

Hearing checks and assessments

Everyone should have a hearing test as part of their regular health check-up.

It’s better to be aware early and take preventative action if there is an issue, which can easily be spotted with one of Buxton Hearing Centre’s free screening checks!

In just 15 minutes we will assess several key frequencies along with inspecting your ears – plus you’re welcome to discuss how any communication issues could affect your lifestyle during the 90 minute full hearing and communication tests.

We also consider other details within your relevant medical history when it comes to maintaining great hearing health!

Do I need to get a Hearing Test?

Read these questions:

  • Is it hard for you to understand conversations in loud environments?
  • Do people need to repeat themselves when they talk around you or do certain sounds sound muffled and unclear?
  • Are you turning up the TV and Radio and still not hearing everything clearly?
  • Maybe social outings make you feel exhausted because of all the noise and difficulty understanding what’s being said?
  • Do you get tired and stressed after listening to something for an extended period of time, like watching a film?
  • Are you avoiding social situations because the noise makes it herder to hear?
  • Do friends and family keep asking you if you are hearing things OK?

Have you answered yes to two or more of them? If that is the case then you really should make an appointment to come and see us for an in-depth hearing test.

We get the results immediately and can fully explain them to you. Then we can chat about solutions and your needs and preferences.

We can also organise a trial so you can fully experience all of the benefits of today’s hearing aids.

You will also be able to see just how much they improve your daily life, and how much you were missing out on!

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