Assistive Listening Devices

ALDs, or assistive listening devices make life easier for those with hearing difficulties. Even more so where there is a lot of background noise.

These devices firstly reduce the background noise, subsequently they amplify what we actually want or need to hear. As such they greatly help people with hearing problems.

They also have the advantage of being usable in almost any environment. In other words you can use them at home, at schools, or even in your local pub!

Additionally ALDs can easily connect to other bits of equipment you already own. So you can connect them, via bluetooth, to compatible TVs and smartphones.

Assistive Listening Table Microphone by Starkey
Assistive Listening Device – Table Microphone, by Starkey

Anyone with hearing issues can have their lives improved with an assistive listening device. Chiefly by helping them join in conversations and watch TV with other people at the same volume. Undoubtedly this can reduce any sense of isolation that they may haven been experiencing as their hearing deteriorated.

Assistive listening devices can include:

  • TV Transmitters
  • Remote Controls
  • Remote Microphones
  • Mini Microphones
  • Table Microphones

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