Noise Protection

Noise protection devices protect you from exposure to too much noise. Above all these devices help your quality of life and well-being by protecting your hearing.

Exposure to excessive noise over time will damage your hearing.

Wherever you are experiencing too much noise, we have a device for that environment.

Our range of noise protection devices includes

Basic Earplugs

These simple earplugs reduce or block potentially damaging levels of sound. They come in reusable and disposable versions. Whilst not custom made they are still excellent for environments that generate harmful levels of noise.

For example some use cases could be: building sites, factory floors, motorcycling and concerts. But any other noisy activity could also be on this list.

Custom Noise Protection Devices

Some situations require a more personal solution. In this case custom-fit earplugs are a better solution.

We take an impression of your ear so the earplugs fit you perfectly. This makes them as effective as they possibly can be, as well as being as comfortable as possible.

Noise Protection - Soundgear Phantom
Noise Protection Earplugs – Soundgear Phantom by Starkey

Musicians Noise Protection

Musicians should be protecting their hearing now, and for the longer term. Their hearing is obviously even more important to them than the rest of us.

Musicians are always going to be in situations where there is a lot of noise. In the short term they might be able to tolerate this. In the long term their hearing will suffer, potentially leading to tinnitus.

Regular earplugs will help, because they block almost all of the noise out. This is not really a solution for a musician though. Due to the fact that they have to actually hear the sound, and if possible, with the greatest fidelity.

This is why we have custom hearing devices made just for a musicians specific needs.

Custom-Moulded Earplugs

We use a special material to take a precise mould of the shape of your ears. That custom-mould is then used to make your earplugs. The fact that they are made to the perfect shape and size means you will be able to wear them for longer. As well as the fact that they will perform better and give better sound quality than something off-the-shelf.

In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)

The ultimate solution is of course the in ear monitor. Essentially they are custom fit earbuds that not only isolate external noise, they also give you total control over what you hear. They have multiple drivers so you can personalise your own mix and volume.

An entire band that uses IEMs no longer needs on stage monitors, creating a quiet stage. This is ultimately healthier for everyone.

If the whole band has them they make on stage monitors redundant. This creates a “quiet stage” and less equipment in the playing area. A much better work environment, less hassle, and definitely better for everyone’s hearing in the long run.

Musician’s Earplugs plus Interchangeable Filters

A third option is to use earplugs with changeable filters. The different filters allow you to adjust the amount of sound “leakage”, how much sound is let through. This gives you a level of control depending on personal preference and flexibility according to where you are performing and what genre of music etc.

Other Types of Protection

Industrial Hearing Protectors

These devices comply to the strict safety standards and regulations for their place of use. The objective is to provide comfortable, durable and effective protection from all environmental and equipment noise.

Sleep Earplugs

At the other end of the scale are earplugs made for sleeping. Their design is based on comfort over durability. Typical use cases being aeroplanes and city living.

As well as the above earplugs we also have Swimming Moulds that can help avoid swimming pool infections. Also, we have Earpod moulds for those wanting to protect their air pods!

Your choice of noise protection device will be decided by multiple factors:

  • level of noise exposure
  • type of noise exposure
  • comfort
  • durability
  • specific communication requirements
  • environmental awareness needs

To get the best protection, you need the right device. Also something that is pleasant to wear all whilst performing well and maintaining functionality.

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